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Mano DR Imaging Flat Panel
Flat-panel digital radiography system

Why choosing Mano DR Imaging?

Optimal workflow  

Mano DR Imaging has been developed by taking care of every practical details and by integrating many veterinary specific functionalities.

Cost effective

Choose the flat panel and the ManoVet functionalities that you need. 


Manage your tools according to your activity.

ManoVet diagnostic and acquisition software

Choose the best solution: YOURS! 



 Daily-work module (an intuitive design and an array of integrated functions)
Intuitive and easy to use display, in English and French

Image quality: Image processing specifically developed for use on animals. Possibility to adjust the image to vets’ wishes

Preset anatomical parts
Orientation presets for dogs, cats, horses and exotics
Dose presets for every type of image depending on the animal size
Advanced post-processing that can be set up and specifically developed for use on animals
Possibility to save image with different image processing types
Measures calibration to take into account object / panel distortion in just two clicks
Automatically add image requests at the end of image requests list allowing to make images again in case of kinetic blur or wrong dose selection, without having to reprogram image requests manually
Windows or DICOM printing
Guided measurements for Vertebra Heart Score
Automatic exportation of images into JPG
JPG images sharing on the clinic network, allowing to integrate them in the patient file on the management software
 Connectivity module
DICOM exportation with Viewer on CD or USB stock: quality images sharing with colleagues giving to thier disposition the functionalities of a radiology software (Zoom, contrasts luminosity, rotations, etc.) Contact-us
Automatic DICOM image export, giving the possibility to share data in an adapted format with referring doctors or colleagues
DICOM automatic export to share images or store them on PACS
DICOM worklist functionnality
 Comfort module (additional comfort for images management)
Compare images from a single or several studies Contact-us
Compare inverted image (positive / negative) with a single click
Copying or moving image between studies
Sending images by email directly from the software
 Bidirectional connection with the Mano Médical X-ray generator RX32 (B&W) Contact-us
 Automatic dose information recording for all images and performing staff Contact-us
 Orthopedics Module (advanced functionalities for orthopedics)
Guided measurements for Hip dysplasia (Norberg method) Contact-us
Guided measurements for Dysplasia (distraction method)
Real size display independent from monitor resolution
Windows real-size printing 
Guided measurements for TPLO
Guided measurements for TTA
Guided measurements for fast TTA 
Free image rotation (for TPLO or TTA)

 Mano Médical Mini Pacs: get full access to all images from any other location in the clinic with full set of

ManoVet functionalities (zoom, processing, rotation, printing, export, e-mail, etc.)

  • CE Medical flat panel
  • CSI Full AED flat panel
  • High resolution images instantly delivered 
  • Works with any X-ray generators
  • Fits easily in your cassette drawer
  • 35x43 cm, 40 x 40 cm and 43x43 cm flat panels
  • Ethernet or WIFI connection


  • User-friendly and convenient interface allowing an optimal management of your images
  • X-ray settings included
  • Simplified data sharing with consulting rooms: jpg, bitmap, DICOM
  • Film or paper priting

Ask for a try at your clinic ! Tel. +33 296 85 86 76

  • Silicium flat panel
  • Scintillator: CSI
  • Dectector dimensions: 35 x 43 cm, 40 x 40 cm  ou 43 x 43 cm
  • Pixels sizes:
    • 35 x 43 cm flat panel:  150 µm
    • 40 x 40 cm flat panel: 139 μm
    • 43 x 43 cm flat panel: 139 μm
  • A/D conversion: 14 bits (16 383)
  • Resolution:
    • 35 x43 cm flat panel: 2 887 x 2 784
    • 40 x 40 cm flat panel: 2 912 x 2 912
    • 43 x 43 cm flat panel: 3 072 x 3 072
  • Acquisition time: < 7 sec.
  • Configuration interface: Ethernet or WiFi
  • Dimensions:
    • 384 x 460 x 15,1 mm (capteur 35 x 43 cm)
    • 460 x 460 x 15,1 mm (capteurs 40 x 40 cm et  43 x 43 cm)
  • Weight:
    • 3.6 kg (35 x 43 cm flat panel)
    • 4 kg (40 x 40 cm and 43 x 43 cm flat panels)
  • Voltage : 100-240V/50-60 Hz

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Comments (2)

FIALAIRE Christian

Bravo pour le sav, rėactif et compétant!
Equipement en developpement munerique mano medical depuis plus d un an
Excellent rapport qualitė prix,
je recommande leurs solutions de developpement numerique, en particulier pour les petites structures veterinaires qui hesitent encore.

Dr vet Christian FIalaire

LEVEQUE Frédéric

Acquisition rapide, logiciel intuitif, image obtenue de qualité.
Bon produit.

Mano DR Imaging Flat Panel in video

ManoVet Acquisition and Analysis Software

canin - équin